Living nomadically. Writing occasionally.

Meeting remarkable people. Loving it all!On my first Camino de Santiago, with a crazy-heavy pack and sore feet, I welcomed seeing this bench.

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How shall we reinvent ourselves in this new decade: 2020-2029?

With the arrival of coronavirus, the delightful, nomadic, house-sitter lifestyle I started in 2012 went poof. I’m now in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where history, diversity, and kind, creative people abound. I’m reinventing myself as an indie-author and publisher with WALK: Jamie Bacon’s Secret Mission on the Camino de Santiago, my novel for kids, to be launched in August 2020. Plus I’m leaning into educating myself to become a climate-solution activist. My blog here will continue to focus on places I live, art, books, ideas, people I enjoy, AND what I’m learning about climate-change issues, AND on my new book.   Read More in About